Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth

10 Episodes

In this season of Health is Wealth, Raquel M Horn and Damon Dash have adopted a plant-based lifestyle. Raquel shares her favorite vegan recipes and yoga exercises, showing that love and health are the real wealth.

Health is Wealth
  • Health is Wealth - Episode 1 "Vegan Crabcakes"

    Episode 1

    Even if you never ate seafood you will still enjoy this dish. Serve as an appetizer or as the main dish or maybe on a bun. You are sure to get some happy bellies! After we cook whos up for some yoga, we even have Damon joining us. Next Dr. Z is taking over the kitchen to make Tea to help prevent...

  • Health is Wealth - Episode 2 "Vegan Coconut Curry"

    Episode 2

    Starting off with a quick workout for legs and butts. Then we are back in the kitchen to learn how to make a Coconut Curry recipe that will have everyone asking for seconds. Followed by Tea with Dr. Z taking over the kitchen showing us how to make healthy drink to balance hormones and keep you h...

  • Health Is Wealth - Episode 3 "Dog Treats"

    Episode 3

    On this episode of Health is Wealth, I am making my dogs green treats... I starting making these to help with their allergies in the summertime. its great they now have a taste for veggies and it really helped detox there bodies and skin from the seasonal summer allergies they get. On yoga-yoga I...

  • Health is Wealth - Episode 4 "Halloween Special"

    Episode 4

    On this special episode of Health is Wealth we have decided to throw Tallulah a Halloween party but want to have vegan treats there that kids and parents will enjoy. Join me as we create a few spectacular treats.

  • Health Is Wealth - Episode 5 "Cookies"

    Episode 5

    On this episode of Health is Wealth, we start off with yoga to get you stretched out and ready for the day focused on loosening up the hips this is great to do any time of day. After yoga, we are baking fluffy vegan chocolate chip cookies with the help of my friend Muse. Then on Tea with Dr. Z he...

  • Health Is Wealth - Episode 6 "Barbecue Cauliflower Wings"

    Episode 6

    Join me as we make Vegan Cauliflower Wings together. Followed by a calm yoga practice you can do any time of day to stretch and help your mind relax. On Tea with Dr Z. you will learn how to make and adult cough syrup.

  • Health is Wealth - Episode 7 "Ramen Noodle"⁠

    Episode 7

    Looking for a family favorite? This recipe could be it! Then Damon joins me for a quick 5 min yoga. Followed by Dr. Zariff where he shows you how to make and antispasmatic ... helps to relieve anxiety or cramps.

  • Health is Wealth - Episode 8 "Tofu Scramble"

    Episode 8

    In this episode, we are making tofu scramble. Gather up your leftovers, and your in for a treat. Followed by a 3-minute ab workout that will have your stomach burning. Then we have exclusive interview with the creator and director of What the Health.

  • Episode 09 Barbeque Mushroom Sliders

    Episode 9

    Hangry? BBQ Mushroom Sliders are a family-friendly dish for lunch, dinner, or a snack. Do you have a craving for a fun, messy dish? These sliders are everything like those sloppy joes or BBQ sandwiches you remember as a kid but without meat. Then it is finished off with homemade coleslaw, which i...

  • Health is Wealth Healing Party

    Episode 10

    To launch Health is Wealth on Dame Dash Studios I threw a healing party to celebrate. This was not just a celebration but I wanted to share with my friends some new things I had been incorporating in my life. From reiki, nutritional response testing, sound baths, yoga, meditation. all of these ...